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A Bit About Angel

Angelus during the 18th century.
Angelus - 18th century

Born in 1727, Liam (no surname given) was born to a middle-class linen merchant in Galway, Ireland. By 1753, at the age of 26, he develops a taste for alcohol, women and sloth. Liam is a hedonist whose only real ambition lies in seeing the world. For a drunken layabout, this seems a laughable dream, until he is expelled from his house by his disapproving father. While engaging a drunken tavern brawl that evening, he catches the eye of Darla, a vampire disguised as a noblewoman. Upon being tossed out of the tavern for causing trouble, Liam is lured into an alley by Darla, who promises to show him the world, then transforms him into a vampire. The price is the loss of his human soul, along with his conscience, freeing Liam to act upon his darker impulses.

On the night he rises from his grave, Liam sets about murdering the entire community, culminating in an attack on his own house. He first kills his little sister, Kathy, who unknowingly invited the demon in, believing that Liam had come back to her as an "angel". This was likely the inspiration for his vampire name, "Angelus" (the Latinate for "Angel"). He is later described in historical volumes as "the demon with an angelic face". Liam kills his mother, and finally his father. After leaving Ireland, Angelus and Darla cut a bloody swath through Wales and northern England. In 1760, Darla leaves the Master and chooses to live with Angelus.

In May 1764, Angelus and Darla killed the family of vampire hunter Daniel Holtz. Holtz devoted himself to capturing Angelus and Darla, chasing them across Europe. Angelus and Darla had a near miss in France, after making too much noise by ordering room service and eating the waiters. Darla flees to Austria, leaving Angelus in a burning barn and riding off on their only horse. After meeting again in Vienna, Angelus and Darla sire the vampires James and Elizabeth. In Marseilles, 1767, Holtz tracks them down and manages to put numerous arrows in Angelus. Holtz briefly lost them in northern Africa, only to track Angelus to Rome, Italy in 1771. Instead of killing Holtz, Angelus and Darla realize that they have come to view him "like family" and make a sport of ruining his life. Holtz abandons his hunt and retires to York, England, until in 1773 a demon named Sahjhan offers to take him to the future where he may continue his revenge.

Angelus later sires a Puritan by the name of Penn, who mimics Angelus by wreaking havoc on his father and killing his family. Over time he begins copying Angelus' 'signature' of leaving a cross-shaped mark on the face of his victims in order to spite God. In 1789, Angelus encounters the Beast in Prussia, standing in a field of bodies. When he declines to join with the Beast, he is met with violent reprisal. Luckily, a group of Svear priestesses banish the Beast while Angelus is passed out.

In 1860, Drusilla from London, England, a young woman "cursed" with the "sight", something her mother saw as "an affront to the Lord", catches the attention of Angelus. Drusilla and her sisters are all noted to be virgins, and Drusilla is described as having been "sweet, pure and chaste". Angelus killed her family, which caused Drusilla to flee to a convent. On the day she was to take her holy orders, Angelus massacred the convent (he had an obsession with nuns, including a massacre of those at "Our Lady of Lochenbee"). Then he proceeded to rape her and drive her insane, before he finally sired her. Drusilla is Angelus' "masterpiece", an everlasting example of his finest cruelty.

Drusilla, in turn, sires William the Bloody, for whom Angelus largely served as a mentor and "role model." William, who later becomes known as "Spike", goes so far as to call the elder vampire his "Yoda". Angelus taught William about the art of mass slaughter, including an incident during a wedding party where Angelus beat the groom to death with his own arm. Angelus threatens to stake Spike in a London mine shaft in 1888, as punishment for putting the vampire quartet on the run after attracting too much attention. Angelus introduces Spike to the existence of the Slayer as a cautionary tale.

In 1890, Angelus attended a production of Giselle by the Blinnikov, a Russian ballet troupe run by Count Kurskov. Despite being evil, he is moved to tears during the performance (Angel refers to this incident in an episode, saying that he "cried like a baby, and I was evil!"). In 1894, Angelus and Spike are captured by the Immortal's henchmen in Rome, Italy and tortured while the Immortal had a threesome with Darla and Drusilla. Darla and Angelus were also present at an earthquake in Budapest, Hungary around the turn of the century, where Angelus was a particularly "bad boy".

In 1898, while in Bor┼ča, Romania, Angelus tortured and killed the favorite daughter of a tribe of Kalderash gypsies. To avenge her death, the Kalderash gypsies curse him by restoring his human soul, thus afflicting him with a conscience and condemning him to an eternity of remorse for the crimes he has committed. Darla finds Angel huddling in their apartment muttering about all the atrocities they have committed. Repulsed by his "filthy human soul", Darla tries to coerce the father of the dead Gypsy girl to reverse the curse; an overeager Spike kills the rest of the tribe while Darla is busy negotiating with the man. Seeing her leverage has been wasted, a frustrated Darla snaps the father's neck and leaves. Angelus is left homeless and scavenging the streets for rats. He attempts to kill a woman, but finds that he cannot bring himself to do it.

During the Boxer Rebellion in Beijing, China, the ensouled vampire, now known as "Angel", tries and fails to resume his life with Darla. To satisfy her, he starts killing humans again, but Darla notices that he is only hunting rapists and murderers. Darla catches Angel trying to hide a group of Christian missionaries from her. When Angel goes to feed on rats down at the waterfront, Darla kills the missionary family and brings back their infant child as a test for Angel. Unable to kill it, Angel flees with the baby and separates from Darla for good..

Angel arrives in New York City, New York through Ellis Island in 1902. During World War II, Angel is coerced by The Demon Research Initiative into undertaking a secret mission: He must rescue an American submarine crew from three vampires (including Spike) who were captured by the Nazis. During the mission, Angel is forced to sire a fatally-injured Sam Lawson in order for him to repair the submarine's engine, which was damaged during a German attack. Angel later claims to have known Bugsy Siegel around this time, in the early days of Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 1952, while in Los Angeles, California, Angel was a resident at the Hyperion Hotel, the future base of Angel Investigations. Although he tried to isolate himself, Angel was sought out by Judy, who had fled her home town after stealing a sum of money from her job. Things quickly deteriorate when a string of murders and suicides grip the hotel, and the guests become increasingly paranoid. As Angel learns, this is the result of a Thesulac demon, a demon living off fear. Although he initially tried to kill the demon, the guests at the hotel turn against him, and Angel is lynched. Surviving the hanging, and disgusted with the humans, Angel freely allows the demon to consume everyone inside the hotel.

Angel claims to have known the Rat Pack and to have been present during Elvis Presley's wedding reception after his marriage to Priscilla Ann Beaulieu in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 1, 1967.

In New York during the 1970s, Angel witnesses a robbery at a doughnut shop. After the robber shoots an employee and runs away, Angel stays with the man as he dies, and then proceeds to feed on him. Disgusted with himself, Angel then exiles himself to the alleyways, where he spends another 20 years homeless and feeding on rats.

Two decades later, a shadow of his former self, the reclusive Angel is sought out by a demon named Whistler in 1996. Whistler persuades Angel to join the fight against evil. He then brings Angel to meet the newly-called Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers. The following year, when he and Buffy finally meet in Sunnydale, he introduces himself, not as Angelus, but as Angel.

Brief Bio On Mick St John


Mick St. John is a private investigator who was turned into a vampire over fifty years ago. As a private investigator, he is a shrewd planner and remarkably honorable. His wife, Coraline, sired him on their wedding night in 1952, when he was thirty. After she taught him the basics of vampire life, they came to be estranged. During their separation, he appeared to have taken up with Josef and shared quite a few of the other's hedonistic tendencies, especially regarding human women. Then in 1985 he was approached by a mother desperate to find her kidnapped daughter Beth. Mick rescued the child from the kidnapper, his ex-wife Coraline, who he then killed. He has continued to keep track of Beth over the years and they soon grow close after a string of "vampire" murders, with leaning to romance. Though he realizes that Beth means quite a bit to him, he is reluctant to continue a romantic, and at times any sort, relationship with her, knowing that his being a vampire would hinder any sort of normal life. Unlike most vampires, he is conscientious and principled, reluctant to let go of his humanity, even when keeping it only means emotional pain. As of 2007, he claims to be eighty five years old and to have fought in World War II in the Battle of the Bulge. Mick meets a photographer who works with Beth in Buzzwire who closely resembles his ex-wife, Coraline. After he discovers it really is her, and she has turned back into a human, he pleads with her to find the 'cure'. Mick and Coraline become attracted toward each other again, and Beth, who realizes who Coraline truly is takes matters into her own hands and stabs Coraline in the chest thinking she's a vampire. Afterwards, Mick and Beth come to have a strained relationship, further strained as Mick finds out about Josef's "death," but as they finally come to amends as they figure out the mysteries of Josef's past. Even as Mick forgives Beth for stabbing Coraline, he soon becomes desperate in obtaining Coraline's secret to becoming mortal, to his ex-wife's amusement.

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